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Turkey Tail Tincture 30ml

Ingredients: Trametes versicolor; cultivated turkey tail ± 15 000mg

Rain Water & 99% Laboratory Grade Ethanol


Beautiful & medicinal. This vibrant & colorfully banded mushroom is aptly named turkey tail for its resemblance to the semi- circular, banded tails of wild turkeys.


These mushrooms are used in TCM as immunomodulators that boosts immune function & fight infections. This ability to support the health of both an under-active & over-active immune system is very rare & valued among physicians. Turkey tail mushrooms are also revered for their potential antitumor mechanisms & ability to treat pulmonary disease


This mushrooms most important phytochemicals are protein bound polysaccharides - PSK ( polysaccharide krestin) & PSP( polysaccaropeptide) which are the principal immune enhancing & anti-tumor fractions present in this fungus.

Turkey Tail Tincture

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